Thailand to be stripped AFC U23 Championship hosting rights, U23 Thailand lose a slot

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Thailand is facing the risk of being stripped the hosting rights at AFC U23 Championship 2022 Finals, which means U23 Thailand lose a direct slot in the finals.

Thailand was rumored on May that they may be taken away it hosting duties for weak unqualified facility conditions. After its effort to improve it, AFC still warned Thailand for their slow upgrading process.

Somyot Poompunmuang, FAT president disclosed, “AFC has not officially given AFC U23 Championship Finals hosting rights for Thailand. They will examine the conditions last time on October, if Thailand failed to give qualified stadium, AFC have the right to change the stadium, or worse, change the host.

thailand hosting rights AFC U23 championship

If Thailand loses the hosting rights, U23 Thailand will lose the direct ticket to the finals, and it will affect the alliance with Myanmar to host the World Cup U20 2021”.

Thailand intends to use 4 stadiums, namely Chiang Mai stadiums, Thammasat University, Songkhla stadium and Rajamangala stadium to organize the AFC U23 2020. However, all of them have not yet satisfied the requirements on facilities and have to invest large amounts to improve the infrastructure.

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