Van Lam’s gutsy game brought back victory for Muangthong over Bangkok United

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Van Lam’s Muangthong United has snatched the third consecutive triumph at Thai League after thrashing Bangkok United 3-2 in a home ground game.

Muangthong United has revived strongly under the former U23 Thai coach Alexandre Gama who had notched up 3 victories for Muangthong United in which 2 in Thai League and the other one in FA Cup.

The series of stellar games nurtured a hope to add one more win to the three already in their bag despite the contender is leading the way and being the reigning runner-up of the tournament.

The game started off with an early lead of the visitor thanked to Vander at the 18th minute. Only when the 42nd minute came, did Muangthong United pounce the equalizer through Gallo.

At the beginning of the 2nd half, Nelson Bonilla firing a shot past the keeper Van Lam to gain back the lead for Bangkok United. At the 67th minute, Dangda produced a standout display as his stooping header and balancing the scores for the hosts. The thrilling victory came to the hosts Muangthong United in the additional time of the 2nd half by the hands of Heberty with a long shot.

Being conceded 2 goals left Muangthong with a rather bitter taste in their mouths but it seemed Van Lam did not have any faults.

He even has been regarded as the best player who has pulled off a lot of great saves amidst the poor defense of Muangthong United.

Holding in hands this victory, Muangthong United has already experienced 4 winning tastes through 5 matches under the former U23 Thailand coach.

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