Muangthong United: A former Benfica player will be Van Lam’s new teammate

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Muangthong United FC has informed that the team was successful in acquiring the services of Derley and Daisuke Sato ahead of the next phase of Thai League 2019.

The 31-year-old striker Vanderley Dias Marinho had a period under Benfica outfit from 2014 to 2017 before gearing up in Muangthong United color. He had contributed for the Portugal giant 1 goal through his 15 appearances. He also was a part of Brazil Football clubs namely Ceara, Tiradentes, Cruzeiro-RS, and Madureira.

The coach of Muangthong Utd – Mr. Alexander Gama expects:

“Derley will be positioned in Centre Forward place but he can expand his movement into the sideline. He promises to be a ‘headache’ for every Muangthong’s opponent.”

The other new rookie to join Muangthong in the next phase of Thai League 2019 is Daisuke Sato, a Japanese-origin defender who once served under-level-football-teams in Denmark and Romania.

Thai League 2019 has passed 15 rounds in which Muangthong United caused huge disappointments by ranked 14th with 4 wins, 2 routs, and 9 losses. Muangthong United relieved the run of bad luck by a 3-0 triumph over Trat.

Muangthong is where Dang Van Lam dedicating his football career after leaving Hai Phong FC (Vietnam). Van Lam has pulled off a lot of great saves for Muangthong Utd but could not rescue the poor defending guard.

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