‘HAGL Club do not ask Xuan Truong for returning’, Doan Nguyen Duc says

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Thể Thao 247 - Owner Doan Nguyen Duc rejected the rumor about HAGL considering calling Xuan Truong who was a substitute in three matches at Buriram Utd back to Vietnam.

After the starting period of Thai League 2019, the Midfielder Luong Xuan Truong is now dealing with the matter of not having a chance to compete officially with his teammates in Buriram United. The player had to sit on the bench for three consecutive competitions in which the reigning Thai champion both snatched victories.

Some hearsays were telling that HAGL Club might call Xuan Truong back to the team if Buriram United did not give Xuan Truong opportunities to play officially at least 60-70% of the total matches. No sooner had the news been shouted out than Doan Nguyen Duc rejected it.

The present period is the 'bass note' of Xuan Truong's career

"It never happens. We never ask Xuan Truong for returning for his 3 consecutive matches as a substitute player. Moreover, a professional team would never commit using a player for 70-80% of the total tournament in a season." Owner Duc shares.

“The reporters should not have written that news. It has been a long time since I said something about Xuan Truong.”

Being one of the Golden generation players of Vietnamese football from HAGL Arsenal JMG, Xuan Truong continuously achieved successes in the continental playground in 2018 and early 2019.

However, the present period is the 'bass note' of Xuan Truong's career, he needs time to adapt to a new football background which is completely different from V. League.

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