Ha Noi beat Sai Gon, Do Hung Dung stole the show

Viết bởi: Doan Trang | Cập nhật:

Thanked to Hung Dung and Oseni’s goals, Ha Noi FC thrashed Sai Gon FC in a 2019 V-League Round 13 match yesterday.

2019 V-League Round 13 match was where Ha Noi FC welcomed the ‘old friend’ Sai Gon FC at Hang Day stadium.

Though owning a higher-evaluated line-up against the contender, Chu Dinh Nghiem still launched a careful strongest formation in which Pape Omar and Oseni were the couple playing highest in the offending guard. The game also greeted a comeback of Van Quyet while Van Hau positioned in midfielder place.

Coming to the game with a home-field advantage, Ha Noi FC took the initiative to push up the formation and played attacking from the first minutes of the game. The hosts kept threatening Van Phong’s goal yet the first half ended in goalless.

Coming into the second half, Ha Noi’s huge pressure drove the visitor’s defender into making a mistake which indirectly led Hung Dung posted a header considered as the first goal of the game in the 59th minute.

However, not until the 90+3 minute came, did Oseni bring about another goal for the team turning out to be the ending goal of the game. As a result, Ha Noi FC beat 2-0 Sai Gon FC.


Ha Noi FC: Van Cong, Van Kien, Thanh Chung, Van Hau, Van Dung, Moses, Hung Dung, Van Dai, Van Quyet, Omar, Oseni

Sai Gon FC: Van Phong, Thanh Thu, Thiago, Duc Loi, Van Ngo, Huu Son, Trung Hieu, Van Tran, Quoc Phuong, Ngoc Duy, Pedro.


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