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Cong Phuong was not going all out in training section’, states Incheon Coach

Thứ năm, 02/05/2019 10:28 AM (GMT+7)
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Thể Thao 247 - Coach Lim Joong-yong explained the reason why not putting Cong Phuong on the list in the clash against Seongnam.

Incheon finished Round 9 K-League with a draw to Seoungnam in the home ground.

The bad run of results for the two teams came as no surprise due to their lack of effective defenses. The noticeable thing of the game was Cong Phuong’s absence.

Explained about the decision, Incheon Coach shared:

"Cong Phuong is a vital player of the team yet I could not throw into the field a player who did not make the best effort in the training sessions. Cong Phuong did not boost his 100% ability. For me, it is understandable when the team is going through a series of defeats and players could not be able to keep up their full motivation and fighting spirit. Therefore, I think it's better to leave him on the bench and made some changes in the formation."

'Cong Phuong did not boost his 100% ability'

Considering about the break-even to Seongnam, Coach Lim Joong-yong showed his satisfaction on one point:

"I was looking forward to a tight game, and it turned out to be true. Seongnam played well, so did us in term of making our own progress, and I am pleased with this outcome.

Seongnam had a change in midfield line but they were in good connections and defended closely. We also tried so hard to seek for opportunities but the players' inexperience failed Incheon to succeed. That is something I feel pity for."

The Coach also expects the returns of key players: “Moon Chang-jin is Incheon's irreplaceable player. I am expecting for Nam Joon-jae's comeback. Our offensive line will surely be much more dangerous. Anyway, the productive defense line also deserves to be encouraged. We will try to improve the attacking and snatch victories in the upcoming rounds.”

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Coach Lim Joong-yong Cong Phuong Seongnam Round 9 K-League
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