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‘Cong Phuong is crucial for the team’, Incheon coach said

Thứ năm, 18/04/2019 11:39 AM (GMT+7)
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Thể Thao 247 - Coach Lim Joong-yong , sharing after their defeat to Cheongju, frankly pointed out Cong Phuong’s weaknesses yet put more trust on the Vietnamese striker.

Coach Lim Joong-yong is expected to help Incheon win over Cheongju in Korea FA Cup round 4 since their opponent is just Third Division team.

He sent Cong Phuong out to play in forward position, however, the team’s extremely poor performance caused a pitiful loss to Cheongju and Cong Phuong was replaced in the second half.

Coach Lim Joong-yong spoke in a post-match interview, “I believe Cong Phuong is a crucial player for the team. I have always been thinking which position to put him in. I let him play in Forward instead of center-forward in the match.

Since it is unfamiliar position for him, he was not able to get the situation, I let him out. However, this is the training time for him. I will help him blend in with the environment here”

The coach said Cong Phuong possesses good technique and tactics knowledge, he could break through in Forwards position in Incheon.

Incheon United is in a slump after their six consecutive losses in all arenas while Cong Phuong is ‘isolated’ by his teammates’ movements.

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