Cong Phuong postdates his French trial

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Ligue II is about to start off, Cong Phuong, however, has not been completed yet his procedure to weigh up a sensational move to France on time.

As planned, after finishing the 2019 King's Cup run, Cong Phuong is supposed to make a move to France to undergo a trial from June 20 under a football club playing in Ligue II. However, the procedure has not been finished hence Cong Phuong’s rescheduling to June 24.

Less than a month left, the Second Division of France (Ligue 2) will kick off (July 26), the later Cong Phuong head to the new land, the less time and opportunity for the player to 'score' a point in the eyes of coaches, which will more or less affect to the Vietnamese striker who had been previously linked with Incheon United where he seemed so fluctuated.

Also, In King’s Cup 2019, Cong Phuong was the only Vietnam NT’s player miscued a penalty kick making Vietnam NT fail to lift the King’s Cup title which was almost close to the team.

If the trial in France fails, he will return to Vietnam to serve under a loan form for any football club possibly as Hoang Anh Gia Lai did not fill his name on the signing list for the next stage of V-League.

Recently, Goal (French version) has revealed that Paris FC would be the new roof of Cong Phuong but according to some new sources, where Cong Phuong is targeting is another unfamiliar name: Chamois Niortais FC.

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