Reveal Cong Phuong’s new berth in Europe to do a trial

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HAGL striker will have a trial month at Paris FC, the club playing in Ligue 2 in France.

Cong Phuong is completing the procedure for obtaining a visa to France. Nguyen Cong Phuong is expected to have a trial month at Paris FC, the club is currently playing Ligue 2 in France.

Coach Guillaume Graechen

Guillaume Graechen is known Cong Phuong's former coach at HAGL’s JMG Academy, he personally introduced the 24-year-old to try a job at Paris FC. The club, founded in 1969, a former owner of the Parc de Princes, has now moved to Sébastien Charléty as the club's headquarter.

In the season 2015-2016, Paris FC once won the slot to play Ligue 2 but failed. However, in the following season, Paris FC was retained in Ligue 2 because the opponent winning the U.S Orleans play-off match did not meet the financial requirements.

At the end of the season 2018-2019, Paris FC played quite successfully to claim 4th position, winning 65 points after 38 rounds. At the end of the season, Paris FC once again lost the play-off ticket to Ligue 1 after a thrashing to RC Lens.

If all process goes smooth, this will be Cong Phuong's third trip after leaving the J-League side Mito Hollyhock, K-League’s Incheon Utd.

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