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‘We disappointed not to be summoned up in the Vietnam national team’, Phi Son shares

03/06/2019 16:52 (GMT+7)
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Thể Thao 247 - Tran Phi Son, serving HCM City FC, reveals that all his teammates were sad because of no call to Vietnam NT.

On May 27, the list of 23 man joining King’s Cup 2019 was announced by VFF and Vietnam head coach.  The list is controversial as none of HCM City players are called.

Speaking in a TV show, Tran Phi Son regrets that HCM City players missed King’s Cup 2019, yet they would prove for coach Park their talent.

“I think Park Hang-seo has his own view to pick players for Vietnam NT. I feel sad for my teammates, they are good but they weren’t called”.

HCM City FC, top the table in V-League, having no players in Vietnam squad list, made they disappointed. However, our team will try our best so we will ve given chances to join the national team”.

HCM City delivered a very impressive performance and top the V-League table with 26 points, 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

Tran Phi Sơn is recovering from injury, yet there are some high form players as Van Thuan, Cong Thanh, Hoang Thinh, Nguyen Huu Tuan deserves a slot in Vietnam NT. Vietnam supporters regret for the center midfielder duo Van Thuan and Hoang Thinh.

Author Thethao247.vn Kieu Ly / Theo Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin
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