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Park Hang-seo first time speaks of Vietnam squad list

03/06/2019 16:51 (GMT+7)
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Thể Thao 247 - Vietnam head coach schedules to open a press conference to answer all the questions relating to Vietnam NT list to attend King’s Cup 2019.

On May 27, the list of 23 man joining King’s Cup 2019 was announced by VFF and Vietnam head coach.

These names has caused surprise for both football experts and Vietnam supporters, notably the appearance of Tuan Anh, Van Thanh, Nguyen Manh,  the absence of high form players like Mac Hong Quan or Do Van Thuan, or Ha Duc Chinh is summoned up despite his form recently in V-league.

Park Hang-seo, being questioned of his decision in Vietnam list, sets to hold a press conference to talk of the human resource in Vietnam squad.The meeting is set to be held on June 1.


Author Thethao247.vn Kieu Ly / Theo Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin
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