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BREAKING: UEFA former president arrested for empowering Qatar hosting duties World Cup 2022

Thứ tư, 19/06/2019 09:31 AM (GMT+7)
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UEFA former president Michel Platini has been arrested for an investigation relating to the host right of World Cup 2022 which is blewed the whistle on by investigating authorities.

According to a Mediaprt report, Platini was arrested on June 18 morning for an investigation on World Cup hosting duties. He is reported to be sent to Anti-Corruption Office of the Judicial Police (OCLCIFF).

Qatar was empowered to host World Cup 2022 on November. This has striggered a debate on suitability, weather condition especially summer of this country. Thereby contunious allegations of corruption and bribery in   have broken out.

World cup 2022 Qatar host

Mr Jack Warner, the FIFA former vice president, claimed that an email about  Qatar's World Cup 2022 bid has been made public. Notably, the email showed that this Middle East country has “bought” the right to host instead of competing fairly with other parties. However, the Qatar side has denied this allegation.

This was not the first time Platini was accused of relating to corruption. Earlier, the old French football legend was banned all football activities for receiving 1.35 million pounds from FIFA former president Sepp Blatter.

Regarding professional career, Platini used to play for Nance, Saint- Etienne and Juventus. He has earned 3 Ballon d’Or awards consecutively from 1983 to 1985. He was once in France NT to win Euro 1984.

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