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Park Hang-seo: ‘I don’t revive Tuan Anh, it’s is his talent’

Thứ sáu, 15/11/2019 15:12 PM (GMT+7)
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Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo has denied that he’s behind Tuan Anh’s outstanding performance, noting Tuan Anh has inborn talent.

Park congratulated his players for their 1-0 win over the UAE on Thursday, adding that their efforts are well paid off.

“Tien Linh is a potential young striker. I want to congratulate him on his goal. He will return to the U22 team next week,” Park praised Tien Linh’s superb goal which sealed Vietnam’s victory.

He told a post-match press conference that midfielder Tuan Anh, who played a crucial role in the match, is a talented player and has been his favorite in the national team since the match against Afghan two years ago.Park hang seo veitnam vs uae

"I think Tuan Anh is a potential player. But every time I chose him, he was injured. He also has a strong spirit. I just give him a chance in the national team. His achievements are attributed to his ability and the leadership of other coaches."

Despite Vietnam’s significant progress, Park was cautious that the World Cup campaign is still a long way.

“We still have 4 more games. The next match is against Thailand. We’ll back to training tomorrow against our biggest regional rival.”

Asked about his favorite 3-4-3 formation, Park said he’s ready to change if there’s a better option:

''We use this formation to maximize the potential of our players but it is important that our players understand their position in the squad. I'm not sure if they would play well with other formations. I will switch to a 4-defender formation if necessary.''

Tuan Anh has an excellent match against the UAE. Photo: Van Hai

"I know the rivalry between Vietnamese and Thai football through the media. I knew Mr. Nishino when I was in Korea. I also knew he has a lot of experience. But now I can only predict that he will bring many difficulties to Vietnam,” said Park.

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