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Park Hang-seo: ‘I am glad to engage with Vietnam’

Thứ sáu, 28/06/2019 15:23 PM (GMT+7)
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The Korean press News Joins wrote, Park Hang-seo expressed his satisfaction with what he has done in Vietnam.

In the recent time, Lee Dong-jun- Mr. Park representative, came back to Vietnam  for the contract negotiation while Park Hang-seo is taking abreak in his home town.

The 59-year-old has done a lot for Vietnam national team and became famous. He has an interview with News Joins and shared his thought  on the new contract:

“Actually, I just do my job as a coach. But luckily, my contribution is recognized by Vietnamese. I am happy to receive their love. I remember meeting Vietnam prime minister, he expressed his thankful for the stronger relationship between Vietnam and South  Korea”.

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"Currently, I am quite busy with Vietnam national team, I have my goals in SEA Games 30 and Olympic Tokyo. 2018 was like a dream, I got a bunch of attention and love from fans. However, I always remind myself that that popularity may disappear at any time if I don't focus on work".

Regarding the new contract, Mr. Park added: "I have never asked for money. In football now, there are a lot of bad rumors, especially at the time of players or the coaches extend their contracts".

It is known that tomorrow (June 29), Mr. Park will end his leave and return to Vietnam. He will join his representative directly in the negotiation process of the new contract. On the Vietnamese side, VFF's representative always insisted that they will keep Park Hang-seo coach as long as possible by a reasonable treatment along with the conditions of VFF.

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