Vietnam jumped to the first-ever place on FIFA table

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FIFA table on June 2019 witnessed Vietnam NT has reached the first-ever high position after 20 years and goes further from Thailand NT.

FIFA Day’s friendlies and 2020 Euro Qualifiers have finished with huge surprises. FIFA’s newest rankings in June 2019 have loads of fluctuations.

The 2 top-of-the-table squads, however, still are nailing on their spots which are Belgium (1), France (2), Brazil (3), and England (4).

On account of the title Ronaldo’s side snatched in UEFA National League, the team accumulates 23.7 points into 1631 points jumping 2 places to occupy 5th spot the world. While Iran keeps remaining their leader position in Asia with 1518 points and ranks 20th the world.

Bringing back an out of the world outing from King’s Cup 2019, Vietnam NT excellently surpassed Jordan and Estonia to be seated 96th the world with 1232 points.

This is the highest-ranked Vietnam ever reached for the past 20 years. Park Hang-seo’s side finished at 15th Asia and secures an advantage ahead of 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Drawing Stage.

Thailand NT with 1165 points fell 2 places to be rooted 116th right behind Vietnam NT as the ‘War Elephants’ posted abject displays. The most remarkable team of ASEAN is Malaysia by jumping 9 places onto 159, pushing Indonesia down to 160 and Singapore to 162.

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