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Alexander Dang has just met 30% of Park’s demands

10/05/2019 17:48 (GMT+7)
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Thể Thao 247 - According to a VFF representative, Alexander Dang – an overseas-based Vietnamese striker has met only one of the three standards that the national head coach required.

In an attempt to build a solid squad which has a high fighting spirit in the face of 2022 World Cup Qualifiers held basis this September, Park Hang-seo along with VFF are planning to make use of the overseas-based forces and bring back appropriate players.

Amidst the Vietnamese expatriate players, whether serving with the country or plying their trade outside the confines of the country, Alexander Dang received the most attention from Park Hang-seo.

Alexander Dang has only reached the first standard so far

That came from the short of a player who could be shifted to Anh Duc in the team-sheet, the striker bade a farewell after finishing AFF Suzuki Cup.

Park Hang-seo gave out 3 criterions for overseas players who wish for sealing a slot in the national line-up.

That is “a desire to be dedicated to Vietnamese football; Their specialty has to be appropriate with the play-style which the Coach is building up; Having legitimate naturalization.”

However, Alexander Dang has only reached the first standard so far and failed to convince the coach in term of the two other requirements.

VFF gave him fully authority on deciding about the squad list

As revealed by VFF to Thanh Nien newspaper, Park Hang-seo was not satisfied with Alexander Dang’s performance in the Sandefjord and Nest Sotra match.

“With the power was not good, the speed was in problem and the finishing ability was not good, Alexander Dang can hardly be recruited in the near future. Mr. Park reveal delicately that he will watch Dang more in another matches.

VFF gave him fully authority on deciding about the squad list. But perhaps, the answer had already have. We will totally respect Mr. Park's decisions. Certainly, in the upcoming King’s Cup, Vietnam NT could not have overseas Vietnamese players."

Regarding the nationality criterion, Alexander Dang’s parents do not have Vietnam nationality. As a result, by this September, it cannot be guaranteed that Alexander Dang could handle this matter to have a chance in the national line-up.

Author Thethao247.vn Doan Trang / Theo Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin - Copy link
Alexander Dang Vietnam Vietnam NT 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Park Hang-seo Anh Duc King’s Cup
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