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World Cup Qualifiers: Vietnam NT building on its force with new faces?

17/06/2019 10:00 (GMT+7)
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In a recent share, Chung Hae-seong revealed that Park Hang-seo is targeting some of Ho Chi Minh city FC’s players for the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers campaign.

Under Chung Hae-seong guidance, Ho Chi Minh City FC is a phenomenon of 2019 V-League as the team has led the way since the 1st round to begin. However, none of its players was selected to the national team for King’s Cup 2019, which was such an absurdity.

The national head coach himself has raised his voice to give an explanation of his decision which was because of the limited time the national team had for King’s Cup 2019 camp to test new faces.

Taking about this matter, Chung Hae-seong – Ho Chi Minh City FC’s head coach shared:

‘Mr. Park and I have not contacted constantly. I respect his decision. Whoever called up or left and to fit was the head coach’s right. However, I knew that some of my men to make their appearances in the preliminary list for the upcoming camp.’

Some such names, who are highly estimated, are center back Nguyen Huu Tuan, center midfielder Do Van Thuan, tackler Ngo Hoang Thinh or the multi-talented footballer Pham Van Thanh.

Although having just entered to the second season in Sai Gon FC’s color, Van Thuan was handed the captain's armband.

Playing alongside Van Thuan perfectly would be Hoang Thinh who plays with no hesitation sacrifice and to collide, which is essential to Mr. Park’s static. However, the point many people concern about is his sensitivity to get injured.

Another name is Nguyen Huu Tuan, the player has stayed in Ho Chi Minh City FC for 6 years. It is no coincidence that Ho Chi Minh City has gone through so many eliminating seasons but Huu Tuan is still there and playing more and more solidly.

There’s no doubt that this time, Park Hang-seo cannot ignore Ho Chi Minh City FC’s troops. Regarding the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, Mr. Park has enough time in his hand to open the door for those players to monitor their forms and seek out fitting men to enhance the frame of Vietnam NT which has been in problems.

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