U17 Hanoi captain punchs Chinese opponent's face

Viết bởi: Kieu Ly | Cập nhật:

Thể Thao 247 - U17 Hanoi player Nguyen Duc Anh had unsporting behavior in the match against U17 Hebei in international friendly tournament in Guangzhou.

(Video Courtesy of Tuan Huu 24h)

Hebei captain Zheng Haokun played dirty with goalkeeper Nguyen Duy Dung. Nguyen Duc Anh, U17 Hanoi’s captain, immediately rushed to the Chinese to pay back.

The two players from 2 teams then fought, and the referee had to intervene before it got worse.

Initially, Nguyen Duc Anh was supposed to receive a yellow card. However, with Zheng Haokun's bloody face, the referee changed his mind and gave Duc Anh a red card.

Nguyen Duc Anh received many criticisms from head coach Nguyen Van Bieu. Because of his action, U17 Hanoi lost fair play title and at the same time, the organsizer also sent report to the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF).

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