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Thailand vs Vietnam: Park Hang-seo accepts the challenge

Thứ sáu, 10/05/2019 17:48 PM (GMT+7)
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Thể Thao 247 - Thailand is looking forward to meeting Vietnam more than ever, the time when they bring all the best to thrash Park Hang-seo’s side. Whether Vietnam head coach feels anxious or not to face ‘Changsuek’?

After the schedule announced by the organizers, Vietnam now can be calm to wait for the opening match at King’s Cup. Vietnam’s great rival Thailand is an obsession of Vietnamese football for over 20 years.

This time facing Thai may be full of excitement as Vietnam is now in a different level.

In the past, Vietnam encountered Thailand total of 21 times (since 1995, the time we reintegrated into regional football), which Vietnam only won 2 matches, drew 4 and lost 15.

It was like festival to witness 2 victories over Thailand (in Tiger Cup 1998 and AFC Cup 2008), Vietnam thrashed Thailand but fans acted like they have already clinched the championship.

Since Park Hang-seo came to Vietnam, he has shortened the gap between 2 countries, even now advantages seemingly inclined to the ‘Golden Dragon’. In just over a year, from the youth team to the national team, Vietnam head coach always made fans surprised. The atmosphere of  celebrating on the street after every victory of Vietnamese football appeared more frequently.

That success made Thailand eager to invite Vietnam by all price even plead VFF to attend King’s Cup. Not to mention, the draw format was changed just to arrange for Thailand- Vietnam clash.

Despite the framework of the friendly tournament, both national teams bring in great motivation. For Vietnam side, this is a chance for Park Hang-seo to complete the formation, aiming at the bigger goal, World Cup Qualifiers.

However, Mr. Park cannot ignore the achievement in King’s Cup since it will help Vietnam retain its position in top 16 Asia. Thereby Vietnam will be in the No. 2 seed pot and avoid many strong opponents in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

Currently, Vietnam, standing 16th, is followed by Palestine (17th) and India (18th) with 3 and 8 points less respectively . If they win both matches in this tournament, Vietnam will at least keep the 16th place.

It is undeniable that Thailand desires to thrash Vietnam. FAT has chosen teams defeating them in recent tournaments or those that are directly threatening their position in Southeast Asia.China was invited yet they refused at the last minutes.

The fact that Vietnam has directly stolen ASEAN powerhouse position made Thailand extremely uncomfortable.

U23 Thailand lost to U23 Vietnam recently is like a slap to Thai pride. And ‘Changsuek’ will prove their determination once again when bringing back superstars playing in J-League: Chanathip or Theerathon.

In fact, many Vietnamese players in the current squad used to lose bitterly to Thailand in SEA Games 2 years ago. But Park Hang Seo brought them bravery and confidence to clash any rivals.

Vietnam NT currently plays securely, moves quickly and handle opponents with direct counter-attacks.

For an opponent who desires to win and constantly send challenges, this makes the race become more interesting for Park Hang Seo’s side. Certainly, 90 minutes at Chang Arena will tell who the real king.

Author Thethao247.vn London / Theo Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin - Copy
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