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Nishino gives U19 Thailand’s ex-coach a chance to correct his mistake

12/11/2019 16:31 (GMT+7)
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Akira Nishino confirmed that Issara Sritaro is currently working as the Thailand national team’s assistant coach despite his resignation from the U19 team.

U19 Thailand’s 0-1 loss prompted coach Issara Sritaro to step down from the Football Association of Thailand. But Nishino wants Issara Sritaro to continue with the national team.

Changsuek quoted Nishino as saying:  “I believe that Issara Sritaro can continue to develop. The U19 team’s loss revealed the weakness of the younger generation but they are not the worst team in ASEAN. We will improve and overcome those weaknesses. I still believe in coach Issara.”

“At first, I wanted Issara Sritaro to replace Thanachot Sripan on the U23 team. But things have changed. Thanachot Sripan will come back as an assistant.”

Issara has flown to Malaysia to join Thailand senior team at Nishino’s request.

Author Thethao247.vn London / Theo Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin
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