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Hanoi through to the AFC Cup 2019 inter-zonal semifinal

08/08/2019 10:07 (GMT+7)
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By defeating Binh duong in 2-legged match, Hanoi becomes ASEAN representative to join the inter-zonal semifinal in AFC Cup 2019.

In the second leg of AFC Cup 2019 ASEAN final, both Hanoi and Binh Duong gave out their strongest force. Various national players joined in the greatest battle including Van Hau, Thanh Chung, Quang Hai, Hung Dung, Tan Tai and Anh Duc.

With the quality players, Hanoi and Binh Duong devoted an interesting match in Vietnam.

Despite having no advantages, visiting Binh Duong played attacking football right in the first place, continuously attacked Van Cong’s net. However, Hanoi’s defense still stay strong and attack against the.

If they were luck, Hanoi would  be awarded a penalty kick as Rabo Ali touched the ball inside the box of Binh Duong. However, the first half ended with no goals scored.

Hanoi vd binh duong afc cup 2019

In the second half, Hanoi coach asked his men to enhance attack. Facing the huge  press from the home team, opposing goalie Tan Truong missed the ball, which helped Pape Omar shot in the 61st minute, opened the scoring.

Hanoi FC then took the lead with many dangerous attack yet they could not beat Binh Duong goalkeeper, bagged a 1-0 winner at the end.

With the 1-0 victory on hang Day stadium, Hanoi FC won 2-0  after 2 matches, becoming the ASEAN representative to join the inter-zonal semifinal of AFC Cup 2019.

In the next match, Hanoi will host defending runner up Turkmenistan’s Altyn Asyr. The match will kick off on August 20.

Starting XI:

Binh Duong: Tan Truong, Thien Duc, Tan Tai, Wander Luiz, Anh Duc, Tan Tai, Pedro, Trong Huy, Veniamin, Van Vu and Rabo Ali.

Hanoi: Van Cong, Van Hau, Dau Van Toan, Moses, Van Quyet, Van Kien, Thanh Chung, Quang Hai, Pape Omar, Van Dai, Hung Dung.

90 ': Second half ended

83 ': Tan Tai made a speed ball and finished but failed to beat goalkeeper Van Cong.

68': MISSED!!! Quang Hai finished near the net but failed to defeat Tan Truong.

61': GOALLL!!!  Hanoi’s Pape Omar fired, opening the scoring for the hosts.

58': MISS!! Van Quyet's pass put Pape Omar in an empty position but the number 20’s shot ended up in the sky.

46': Second half started

45 ': First half ended

43 ': FAILED! To Van Vu escaped to the right and made a cross to Anh Duc who could failed to shot the ball.

24 ': DANGER! Veniamin almost brought the ball into the net, after a careless clearance.

20 ': NO PENALTY KICK ! Rabo Ali touched the ball in the penalty area, but the referee did not whistle.

16 ': MISSED ! Pape missed the chance when facing Bui Tan Truong.

7 ': DANGER! Le Tan Tai made an uncomfortable dribbling in the box of ​​Hanoi but Wander Luiz could not finish with two home defender disputation.

5 ': GOOD SAVE ! Van Cong had a precise situation, taking the ball form Wander Luiz

1 ': Start

Author Thethao247.vn London / Theo Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin
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