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Cong Phuong back in Sint-Truidense lineup for Belgium Cup

25/09/2019 14:30 (GMT+7)
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Sint-Truidense will take on OH Leuven at home, with Cong Phuong named to Marc Brys’ squad.

Sint-Truidense will play against OH Leuven in the Belgium Cup 2019 round 1/16.

Schmidt, Herbots, and Wenssens will take the goalie position while Janssens, Bokata, Garcia and De Smet are the key defenders.  Marc Brys chose Van Dessel, De Ridder, Masoudi and Japanese Ito for the midfield.

Acolatse, Boli, Colidio and Sousa will take the field as forwards.

Cong Phuong’s return is a positive step, after Vietnam’s national team coach Park Hang-seo expressed concern about the 24-year-old.

Cong Phuong has not been listed in 3 straight matches in the Jupiler Pro League.

Sint-Truidense will take on OH Leuven at 1:30AM (Vietnam time) on Sept 26.

Author Thethao247.vn London / Theo Tạp chí Người Đưa Tin
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