Buiram forward Supachai broke his nose in a violent phase against Chiangmai

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Buriram United forward broke his nose in the 4-0 win over Chiangmai FC in the final round leg 1 in Thai Legaue 2019.

Buiram finished leg 1 Thai League 2019 by a 4-0 triumph over Chiangmai FC on June 22. The troop of coach Božidar Bandović gaining 3 points helped them take top spot with 32 points followed by Bankok United with 28 points.

Despite the win, The Thunder Castles faced force loss after Supachai Jaided is diagnosed with a broken nose and goes to hospital.

Supachai Jaided had a violent collision phase with Eliandro in the 15th minutes and got nose injury. However, he still played until 84th minutes.

Buriram United finished the game with a 4-0 win over Chiangmai by the goals of   Sasalak, Supachok, Patino and  Suphanat. Supachai was sent to the hospital after the game.


Supachai Jaided had a runny nose and needed to stay in the hospital for a week for treatment. He will be absent in two matches against the upcoming Chonburi (Thai League) and Chiangmai United (League Cup).

Supachai Jaided is the outstanding young striker of Thai football currently. In the AFC U23 qualifier 2020 on the My Dinh stadium, Supachai Jaided had to receive a red card for punching midfielder Dinh Trong when U23 Vietnam and Thailand U23 encountered.

At the age of 20, Supachai Jaided is expected to replace the position of the star Teerasil Dangda in Thailand national team.

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